I am the project outreach librarian for the Text Creation Partnership, a collaboration among the University of Michigan, Oxford University, and commercial publishers such as ProQuest, to produce digital editions of early modern English texts.  I am responsible for communicating with users about our progress and offering support for their research based on the TCP corpus. I represent the TCP at conference and scholarly meetings, and aim to establish new institutional partnerships and develop new sources of income for the project. In addition, I monitor the TCP budget, manage our contracts with the institutional partners who support our ongoing work, and have coordinated the set up of a new website, where the 44,000 new electronic editions we aim to produce in the next three years will be made available.

An archivist by training, with an MSI from the University of Michigan’s School of Information, I am particularly interested in the implications of media, and re-mediation, on how we communicate with the past and with each other. My interests include papyri, medieval manuscripts, conservation, the history of the book as a technology, digitization, markup languages, and ebooks, because they all have an impact on, and reveal something about, how we read, write, and understand.